Our music

As we are such a long-established orchestra, we are fortunate enough to have an extensive library of music; you do not need to purchase any music of your own.  Our music is arranged in “folders”, each containing about 10 pieces, and we usually practice 6 or 7 of these for three weeks.  As we have over 30 folders, it takes about 18 months before we get through the full repertoire, so you won’t get bored!  Some of the music played in the last 12 months has included:

  • On the quarter deck – Alford
  • William Tell overture – Rossini
  • Incidental music to Monsieur Beaucaire – Rosse
  • Four Centuries (1st movement) – Coates
  • Oxford Symphony – Haydn
  • Music from Madame Butterfly and Il Travatore – Puccini and Verdi, arranged by Tavan
  • The Shamrock (Irish melodies) – Myddleton
  • Roses from the South – Strauss
  • Love’s old sweet song – Bingham and Molloy
  • Badinage – Herbert
  • Spring Tide – Woodhouse